A survey of the building taking all the key measurements and details.  This includes room sizes, location of S.V.P's, R.W.P's, F.W, R.W drains, I.L level of drain & direction of joists. This will typically take between 45-60 minutes.  Details of this will be inputted into a C.A.D program.



       These will show the floor plans, elevations and sections of the proposal. The proposed size of an extension for example will be shown also the location of 

       such things as doors, windows & sinks.  The client will have the opportunity to review these before an applications is submitted requesting any

       amendments necessary. At this stage recommendation for a building contractor, structural engineer and party wall surveyor can also be made. 

                   PLANNING APPLICATION:

                   A planning application will be made to the relevant local authority once the client is satisfied with the proposal plans.  The application will include a       

                  planning application form, location plan, existing & proposal plans & relevant planning application fee.   A decision can take upto 8 weeks to be made. 

                  Upon planning approval a building control application can be submitted to the Building Control department of the respective authority. 

                               BUILDING CONTROL APPLICATION: (Building Notice Application only)

                               This application is dependant upon planning approval from the local authority. The application will include detailed proposal plans (i.e size &

                                location of beams drainage), structural calculations that may be required, location plan, & an appropriate building control fee.  Building works

                                can begin on 48 hours of Building Control receiving the application.


                                              ON-SITE INSPECTION:

                                               This can be carried out on request of the client per visit to inspect the building works.